Philosophical Questions {126} ~ Is There Such A Thing As Luck?

Luck, perceived good or bad, is simply when something occurs more frequently than probability states it should. Therefore by definition it is true. If the chance of winning the lottery is 1-5,000,000 and you win twice buying only 20 tickets then you are said to be extremely lucky. To crate more luck for yourself, we have to do the work of creating more opportunities for ourselves.

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8 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {126} ~ Is There Such A Thing As Luck?”

  1. I believe that luck is not something that the lord distributes to a chosen few. It is something that we earn as a result of our actions. Every actions or deeds are manifested to reveal of its innate nature and not separate from the material intelligence so that is why it is called a intelligent manifestation.

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  2. Yes! we need to do the work, and be prepared to receive. I think too that one should follow their gut instinct or intuition in this regard.
    E.g. I went to the bookstore a few years ago,
    With the intention of buying a book written by Sir Francis Bacon. I asked the Clerk sitting behind the desk if they had any books by this author? She searched their computer and said no, sorry no books by that author.
    Ok, I said (undeterred ) can you show me the section where his books would be if you had them? She said sure, right over here.
    My eyes were immediately drawn to a book that had colorful diamonds along it’s spine.
    I pulled the book from the shelf, opened it up,
    Lo’ and behold a book by Sir Francis Bacon.

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    1. Yes, do the work and be prepared to recieve indeed. Glad you found the book my friend. Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts! πŸ™πŸ»β™₯️


  3. Nope! I personally do not believe in luck but do believe in opportunities which are blessings. Is it a form of luck? If it is so, let it be. Also I strongly believe continues effort is the root of any genuine success.

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  4. AS a label luck exists. So when things go my way I’m lucky. If not then unlucky. But what I label is the ordinary happenstance of human movement. I’m the one who decides what I want to call it.

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