Poetry {182} ~ LOTUS EATERS

There’s a city full of lotus eaters sleeping in peaceful apathy

Dancing in the wind with a slowly fading mind drunk on the ignorant bliss

A kingdom full of silence whispers unheard in the distance

The populace pregnant with totalitarian tranquility

The supposition that the world is in a state of harmonic homeostasis

Blissful ignorance that leads to careless calamity

Amid the uproar of the most populated of places

Therein lies the seed of humanity’s deceptive destruction

The author of humanity publishes the last page

The closing verse rains down a rather rapturous recompense

Excessive desire turning commodities
into necessities; the biggest car,
the flashiest ring, the biggest house,
the newest toy, but no joy

Fists churn like tides of a blood-lusted sea

Saliva soaked spite rhapsodizing over gluttony

They eat their lotus flowers drifting hour by hour nothing but a blank stare

Lotus eater city doesn’t seem to care.

~DiosRaw, 29/09/21

6 thoughts on “Poetry {182} ~ LOTUS EATERS”

  1. Dancing in the wind with a slowly fading mind drunk on the ignorant bliss,
    Spark of wisdom shines within every lotus eater,
    As there is more talk on set free.

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  2. That is why Lotus flower has prominence in Vedic literature and religiously viewed as paramesvara. The one in the center of the lotus is called padmanabhah. It is born in slush and blooms only in sunlight similarly we Aatma take birth as humans and get enlightened with wisdom.

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