Healing Therapies {24} ~ Traditional Mongolian Medicine {TMM}

“Traditional Mongolian Medicine : There are sources written down 3,000 years ago that say that ancient Hünnü people and Mongols used to sterilize wounds using the pungent herbs Artemisia, thyme, and edelweiss. They produced essential volatile oils and emitted heat when they were burned, which guaranteed purity. The people of the forests and other parts of Mongolia had a good medicine called Kadif. They dressed wounds with medical herbs and treated typhoid with the root-stock of rhubarb. Old Man Tsargin twirled his beard and wafted smoke over the fainted hero Geser, after which he regained consciousness. The nomadic Mongols treated mountain-sickness with the fumes of burning hair. This type of medicine was and remains very common among the nomadic people. It has become traditional. Every nation has specific magical ways of medical treatment or quackery. Central Asia has a severe continental climate with four seasons, in which nomadic Mongolians moved from place to place tending to their domestic animals. So their way of life and medical treatment are very peculiar. The methods of the medical treatment derived from their simple lives. Like medicine in the West, there are many traditional methods of treating illnesses in Mongolia, including:

  1. Bleeding and lancing
  2. Moxibustion
  3. Acupuncture
  4. Manipulation, massage and bone-setting
  5. Dom: healing spells

These methods are famous as Oriental methods to treat illnesses and they have helped to cure many thousands of them. These kinds of treatments are valued highly. Medical herbs, limbs of animals, and minerals are used as natural forms of medical treatment. They are sometimes used individually and sometimes mixed with each other for medical purposes. The Mongolians’ five kinds of animals serve not only as a basis for basic necessities but also as a source of medical treatments. Mongolians combine medicine with psychological treatments and use sayings, such as mantras, shamanist charms, and prophesy. There are certain influences of Buddhism in our medical treatment, such as the use of spells and the stating of one’s requests and mantra expressions.”

Source ~ https://mongolianstore.com/traditional-mongolian-medicine/

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