6 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {127} ~ Are There Universal Human Rights? What Are They?”

  1. Hi Dios, I understand that donations in every aspect would have a universal human rights. For example blood donors, organ donors, sperm donors, egg donors and such donations based on voluntary action for the common good must be a widespread global act. I believe it must be universal.What’s your opinion my Dios?

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    1. I believe that everyone has the ability to choose what they’d like to do with their donations. I do think there are natural laws that the universe flows with that we have within us, even being consciously aware of it.

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      1. Absolutely! Human rights are the attempt to set out at a global level the fundamental rights and freedoms shared by all human beings. Natural laws are the rules of right and wrong are inherent in people and are not created by society or court judges. There are limits on our (human) rights and freedoms when the limitation can be justified by the government or United Nations. No natural law can influence it.

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  2. Our seers had a universal vision as opposed to the tunnel vision of these later day nationalist. In fact humanity was treated as the very body of god in the famous verse called purusa suktham. Our foremost universal human right is to gain moksha (Liberation from birth and death cycle). And human rights must never be violated for state or god. To achieve this one needs vairagya (determination) because each human has infinite potential or possibility and works for both secular achievement and spiritual uplift. Hence, there is only one thing to discover which is wisdom of our true existence and understanding the self ‘I’.

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