Sitting eternally on lotuses ~ Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva

Shiva loves to destroy the universe with as many arms as it takes, one to hold a mirror

Brahma rebuilds it all as needed, bearing four heads and four arms

Sitting between the big bang and big contraction is blue Vishnu, symbolising energy

At the junction of your vermillion adorned forehead

Where the rivers of ida, pingala and sushumna meet

With it an unseen fifth dimension, a spider-like web of illusion deluding all humanity into incessant action where karmas multiply and spread interconnected

Lies the point of singularity from where
our cosmos exploded into being

Oh Maya! I implore you to end this cycle

Reveal that white lotus with a thousand petals embedded in your cosmic cerebrum

Where the love of your life, adorning a chiseled crescent, meditates in contemplative blissful silence

Blowing another existence into actuality.

~DiosRaw, 29/09/21

8 thoughts on “Poetry {183} ~ HOLY TRINITY ~ BRAHMA, VISHNU & SHIVA”

  1. What do you precisely trying to mention by “lotus with a thousand petals” dear Poet? Does it symbolise anything particular? Isn’t that Maya in your understanding?

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