11 thoughts on “~Proverbs {1190}~”

      1. Indeed, this is a wonderful concept 💯💙. I belive that while the venom can be used as poison, some may use the venom to make antidotes instead ✌️🙏🌹

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      2. Yes it most definitely can my friend 💙🙏. It’s a blessing when we can turn a negative into a positive.

        I mentioned using the venom to create Antidotes because it is said that the same venom from snakes is used to make Antivenom, which is an interesting fact that never crossed my mind until I found out about it 😂😂

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      3. Yes the posion is in the dose and the very least of it we have is the better 👍😂

        Haha it sure is and I am happy to share it with you 🙌🌹☺️

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