Philosophical Questions {128} ~ Do Straight Lines Exist In Nature?

This depends on your definition of a straight line if it is in the traditional sense, then straight lines do exist, a sufficiently thin thread might suffice or a strand of hair held tautly. But if you’re asking in the mathematical sense a line may exist with negligible width and depth but true “breadthless length” as Euclid described it does not exist, only approximations as seen from the macroscopic level. No matter how thin a thing is, it has to be made up of atoms and hence it cannot be thinner than the atoms themselves, a perfect line cannot exist.

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6 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {128} ~ Do Straight Lines Exist In Nature?”

  1. I honestly do not know. I experience moving , where I am always in a fixed distance from a fixed point which the centre, my goal. Is my journey on a circle or straight line my Dios?

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    1. Interesting, thank you for sharing Niyathy. Good question, what shape is the soul journey? I think you’ve inspired me to ask this question tomorrow for the philosophical questions series. I believe the soul journey is a spiral.. We come back to things we thought we understood and ascend.. Hmm.. ♥️

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      1. Thank you Dios. I imagine that I the soul journey as a theme park. I the soul is on a rollercoaster ride while settling the karmic account.May be yours is the spiral ride.
        As I learn from you today, I am totally convinced that the soul journey where the effect has completely followed the cause and there is no more karma to manifest, the purity of the soul will be highly delicate because the soul is ready to transcend via the maze experiencing their previous and future existence sensing another reflection, another projection, another perception of the NOW.(referred from your inspiring posts today)

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