Maya will deceive if you don’t recognize
behind appearances, beyond the superficial

Yuga, beyond the ages, beyond the sages, epochs and eras, multiplied to infinity, expecting some recourse, exponential, beyond sanity, gauges of the cyclical planetary

Akasha, ubiquitous ether, all pervading, all invading, omnipresent, revelations’ recordings, substratum of quantum downloading

Ishwara, great atman, ultimate overseer, transcending all time, cosmic conscience, consciousness sublime beyond everything sight unseen

Samadhi reign over me, the be all and end all of life’s raisons d’être, superconsciousness, enlightenments bestowal of divine grace and mercy and redemption, the illumination

Gunas, by knowledge of these moods, this will allow you, ambrosia of all roads
in your journey ahead to navigate solely without flag or fail through equipoise unassailed, leaving no trail yet a trail of interconnectivity

Ahimsa, through this your lips can no longer trespass over your welfare or the welfare of any other, true liberation, from human inebriation, true love for one another, eternal and forever

Siddhis, they will misunderstand you, not being like the same, eschewing commonality, for the perfected mindscape, a narrowed perspective, to focus more completely upon the rarest of views, the purest of alignments

Om, this holiest sound that permeates all ethers, the skies and the grounds, Brahman of this plane and all that surrounds now perish all that confounds

Dreaming the dream of the dreamer’s dream dreaming the dream of dreams ad. infinitum.

~DiosRaw, 01/10/21

7 thoughts on “Poetry {184} ~ COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS”

  1. Interestingly informative dear Dios. But how could we miss Prema when we travel deep within collective consciousness my Dios? 😉

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    1. Prema(selfless divine affection/love) is the very true nature of the cosmic consciousness , where they( Prema) live and experience the unique personality through every individual soul which holds the conscience values of ahimsa,shanti,sathya, dharma which originates from ‘omkar’, the sacred form of Maya.

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