9 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {129} ~ What Shape Is The Soul Journey?”

      1. Excuse. Sorry to interrupt between your conversation. Very curious to know if the soul itself or the soul’s path, the journey is the ‘shapeshifter’ in your experience please? 🎢🎡

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      2. Krista may like to answer, just to add a thought, shape-shifting is existence both of soul and the journey in my belief, closest to words. 🙏🏻♥️

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      3. Yes, would love to hear from Krista. Thank you.

        But I understand that ‘A shapeshifter is a mythic being that can change its physical shape.’ Thank you.

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      4. Could do if the existence is a myth, which it is not. Existence is an objective reality which is formless but not myth. It is observed by the mind, and and there comes a form.(weight, heat, color, beauty, etc)

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