If you fabricate you are in the darkness yet see your shadow

Still you are in the light of night

This very light that sees your shadow will sherperd you

These shadows narrate tales and mythological illusions

Shadows tell lies

Shadows reveal to us who we are

Shadows are open to interpretation in this multifaceted existence

Wide and fierce, they tower over you

Hoodwinking us into believing that they’re mighter and stronger

The giant shadow of ant, we believe its reflection

Or percieve to know the whole truth

As the moon reflects the sun

Causing you to believe that there is light where there is not

Therefore, a lie could be concealed in glossy coating and embalment

And deception may cause you to look everywhere, elsewhere

Except in the very place hidden in plain sight, the truth is in your lap

Take the plunge into the unknowns yet knows of you

Not all is as it seems.

~DiosRaw, 02/10/21

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