Philosophical Questions {131} ~ Why Do We Call It “Falling In Love?”

From my thoughts, I believe that we fall so deep in love that we don’t realize there are other people, there are other friends and family. Love comes unexpected and we slowly (the time depends on the depth of your fall) start getting up and seeing the people around. We get up from the fall and if we still love the person, we stay in love, that is real love that lasts forever. Then maybe we should call it “Rising in love”. So we fall in love, come to the ground level and then rise in love as a theory.

Feel free to share your thoughts below…

6 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {131} ~ Why Do We Call It “Falling In Love?””

  1. Falling in love is not a destination, perhaps overcoming is. It is not done purposely but happens because of sensitivity to emotions. The daily exercise of universal love without distinction of any kind towards all beings and the actual rendering of helpful services with a spirit of selfless service will keep on check. So, continuing efforts with this conviction is assisting full in understanding its inadequacy.

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      1. Perhaps it’s called falling in love as it requires a leap of faith into the unknown. Like trusting in something you can’t quite comprehend? I imagine that one either finds their limits and the grounds and pulls themselves up. Or they continue falling and hit a point in which they feel weightless (where acceleration and resistance become on and the same) and ultimately find no bottom.

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