Philosophical Questions {132} ~ How Do We Know Our True Orgins?

I do believe that our true origins have been concealed from us for various reasons, for one, knowing our true history, knowledge being power as they say, would allow us to see through the veil that the elites have constructed. History is HIStory, how do we know our true origins when the victors of history write the narrative?

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11 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {132} ~ How Do We Know Our True Orgins?”

  1. I think I can have an OK view of my own history. Once outside of that it all becomes very vague. Just trying to track the move from Monarical culture to Patriarical culture is a nightmare. Those who are in power control history. The United States is currently faced with the problems that occur when we do find facts and figures that topple the current story. But I think it takes the people who make up a culture to be interested and passionate about revealing the massive amount of lies and stories that make up so called history. I don’t think the male power structures are much interested in anything that reveals women as powerful social agents. Interesting question.

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  2. Do we need to know the true origins? Then, go back to Stone Age!
    Please respect women as human not as slaves in the name of love.
    Get civilised people as we step into the new era.

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  3. By introspection and enquiring into self ‘I’! To achieve anything there is information or knowledge that’s necessary to get us interested in that something. This interest then prompts us to act on achieving that desire. This cycle is the same whether it is knowing the mysteries of existence or nuances of physical life.

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  4. I’ll bite. In my life, at least, the thing which has driven me is “why.” Why this, why that? What is the soul? What are our origins? Does the origin gave a Genesis? Does the Genesis have a progenetrix? At which point do the Paleolithic and Neolithic trends influencing our religions find harmony?

    Seeking answers has made many great men and women. Merely having answers has made many great tyrants. I think our God(s) want us to build our souls by scouring this world for meaning. That’s me. I’ve probably been wrong about better things.

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