Poetry {187} ~ HOMLESSNESS MUSINGS {2}

Down the pavement we’re moving fast as
the sun is coming up

My whole concept of reality has been chewed, spat out and grinded into oblivion

Nowhere to go

No-one to confide in

You tell me to live the life of a nomad yet we don’t do it in style

Wandering aimlessly, waiting for the external to find respite


Have you forgotten me?

The young child that lives nowhere, hungry, and looking through ash trays for some strays with just enough tobacco to get a hit of relief

Occasionally, talking to myself because nobody else dares acknowledge us

These are the city streets, this is my cold hard concrete

An indifferent existence causes people go out of there way to ignore my presence

Scanning the eyes of strangers for some opening, some life, so I can ask them for a cigarette or a couple of euros to eat

Shoulders slumped, back collapsing under the weight of exhaustion of my backpack, cause it’s getting late and I don’t have a place to reside

So, I stumble and crumble till I find the closest spot that appears safe where I can sleep and no one there will threaten or sweep me away

Like groundhog’s day, I repeat, a shade of myself, echoing just enough to survive another night


Her skin is full of indentations, and she‘s fucked by the dawn on a daily basis, this isn’t her first rodeo

Wandering the midnight streets of this broken city upon many

Her feet are calloused and raw

Flickering lights offer warmth and the known

Shadowy outlines permeate the horizon

Friend or foe? What lies ahead?

That once tough heart is soft now, looking for love in the rabid faces of evil

Spiders spin webs in the dark and insects crawl through the layers of worn out clothing

Abandoned houses have become her home and her soul aches for someone to hold

Sometimes, dreams float by, like a dragonfly on a shimmering breeze

That once conversation, it was just enough, to lay rays in the path of another day.

~DiosRaw, 06/10/21

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