Symbols {166} ~ Falcon

The Peregrine falcon is a powerful bird of prey with keen eyesight. Humans have used falcons to hunt with since 800 B.C. They were used by Native Americans and were considered a symbol of celestial power and ferocity. They buried high-status members of their tribes with falcons and other birds of prey. They were also used by royalty in Western Europe to hunt.

The Peregrine falcon is the mascot of Bowling Green State University and is the official city bird of Chicago. The Peregrine falcon is on the Iowa quarter. It is also the national symbol for the United Arab Emirates.

The Shaheen falcon is on the Pakistan Air Force shield. The Shaheens Green shirts is the nickname for the Pakistan Cricket Team.

The Egyptian God Horus was often depicted as a falcon or having a falcon head. Ra and Sokar are also considered falcon gods. Ancient Egyptians also believed the falcon was the king of the air.

In Viking mythology, Freya, wife of Odin, would change into a falcon to become a fast bird of prey.

In Native American culture, the falcon was thought to live in the Upperworld with the stars, sun, and moon. They were believed to be able to move between the Upperworld and Earth and were considered messengers of the gods. They believed that falcons ruled the Upperworld.

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      1. Yes, I do believe birds should be free in their natural environment yet I cannot say too much as I do not live their way of life and that’s okay. 🙏🏻

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