Yoga {20} ~ Asanas/Poses {9} ~ Tuladandasana/Warrior Three Pose

Tuladandasana is an advanced balancing asana which requires stability, focus and core strength. The name comes from the Sanskrit tula, meaning “balance”; danda, meaning “stick” or “staff”; and asana, meaning “pose.”

In this asana, the body forms a “T.” The arms are raised overhead with the palms facing each other or touching. The back leg lifts off the ground, the anchored leg is straight, and the arms, torso and back leg are parallel with the ground.

Tuladandasana may be commonly referred to in English as balancing stick pose. The asana is also sometimes known as Virabhadrasana 3 (warrior three or flying warrior pose) or eka padasana (one-legged pose).

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