12 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {133} ~ What Are Ways Of Pulling Ourselves Out Of Deep Depressions?”

    1. Love can do, I would say friendship, loving ourselves, wanting to pull ourselves out for a meaningful or purposeful reason, eating well and taking care of ourselves as examples. ♥️🙏🏻

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  1. Well, solitude serves a great solution in addressing the depressive issues. That’s because when external world create problems, I can escape from it like going to a movie, partying, hearing music, reading a book. But when I cannot confront my own body and mind complex becomes a big problem that I cannot escape. Immaturity to handle ones own problem leads to loneliness. It creates fear, depression and frustration to the mind. Therefore, silence and solitude is a wonderful rehearsal for ageing and gaining inner maturity. By this act alone can make you understand what is permanent and what is ephemeral.

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