The Human Family Community Open Threads {167}

Welcome to “The Human Family Community Open Threads,” a project open for anyone who would like to express their feelings, make friends or talk about anything; if you feel suicidal, depressed, anxious or lonely during these times this project is here for you. Feel free to leave a comment below and connect, let’s start a conversation. No judgement, we don’t know until we walk in someone else’s shoes..

~DiosRaw, 11/10/21

4 thoughts on “The Human Family Community Open Threads {167}”

  1. Sometimes it can get a little lonely if you don’t have people around who you can ask advice from or just talk to. Like there could be people and friends, but the value of knowledge you seek might not be what they give because you aren’t walking the same path.

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    1. Yes, the real pandemic is loneliness I believe Zara, it can get lonely. Indeed, there could be people or friends around us but they may not be walking familiar paths.. That’s why I created this, to dispell loneliness and possibly give directions to places that are the opposite to loneliness for the individual soul. ♥️


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