Philosophical Questions {134} ~ How Do You View Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is a concept that has been promulgated throughout the ages with many variations on the definition of the term. For me, enlightenment is beyond what words can convey, it is the complete merging with the unmerged merging merger…

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14 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {134} ~ How Do You View Enlightenment?”

  1. Enlightenment according to me is nothing but knowing the true self and liberating one’s soul from this cycle of birth and death. For any experience there is a need for an experience’r which is different from and limits any experienced truth. Because truth cannot be and need not be experienced but has to be owned up. So the urge for experiencing the self by many is actually to experience the so called “bliss” and they understand the self as “Sat Chit Ananda” – “Existence, Intelligence, Bliss”! To do so one has to develop different mental faculties to receive the self knowledge. Hence understand that the Aatma reflected in the body mind complex is called Jiva where this reflected consciousness is said to be bound and liberated.

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  2. For me it’s a vague term that is situational and contingent. What I have noticed is that the word “enlightenment” seems to hinge on an effort to apply a label to the experience of direct sensing. When attention is focused on sense input there is the experience, but no labels that can be applied to express the experience. So, in the attempt to label something that is label less the description becomes ontological and metaphysical. Except, for me, it’s not. We all have moments of what has been termed “peak experience.” I find it miraculous that we have the ability to step outside of language and conditioning to experience things directly. A thousand books and Sutras have been written trying to explain direct sensing or a human simply being. Of course, this is only one perspective, to each his own. Great question!

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  3. Hi Dios, for me enlightenment is a journey not a destination. A destination which is a mirage. It’s a journey that matter. The journey of sublimating transcending consciousness. Every milestone in this journey is a spark of enlightenment. ♥️

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  4. For me ,Enlightenment is a spiritual journey where we are able to see and accept His decisions and understand His benevolence in all that we experience in our lives.It is rising above the materialistic pleasures and being compassionate and kind to others . It is a belief in mutual coexistence and a happy and peaceful world.

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