Yoga {22} ~ Asanas/Poses {11} ~ Parsvottanasana/Pyramid Pose

Pyramid pose, or intense side stretch pose, is a deep standing stretch that strengthens the legs and stretches the spine, hamstrings, shoulders and hips. It also improves the practitioner’s sense of balance and posture.

From mountain pose, the right foot takes a big step back. The front and back heels are lined up with one another. Toes on both feet point forward and the hips are squared. The legs are straight and the spine is long. Feet should be around three to four feet apart with the back foot at about a 60 degree angle. Hands are either brought behind the back into reverse prayer (palms touching), or they hold on to opposite elbows behind the back. On an exhale, the torso folds over the front leg so the head touches the shin.

Pyramid pose is also referred to by its Sanskrit name, parsvottanasana.

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