5 thoughts on “Notes {1247}”

  1. A short pondering with a very deep meaning and there is so much that could be said in return.
    Societies voice – watching out for yourself represents, to me, the wall and the barrier we put up shielding ourselves from past experiences, to not getting hurt again. This statement comes from a headspace, to play it safe, to show strengths and banish vulnerability. We pretend and usually don’t honor our most authentic self when we become too self centered. The balance is out of alignment.
    God’s voice comes from love, from a heart space and we know that ultimately love is the answer to all. To honor that voice takes courage because it is based on emotions and feelings and lacks the proof to back it up with society. I believe in karma, in what we sow, we reap, in what goes around comes around, in manifesting what we need.
    So long story short I guess would be to take care of each other, and that includes us. If we can find a way to take care of each other and it is sincere, coming from a heart space, we also ultimately take care of ourselves by feeling a deep sense of fulfillment that is heaven / God sent. I hope this makes sense 😘

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    1. Yes, on some journeys souls may take a natural course and realise or evolve, in some cases society is very solidified within one’s psyche. πŸ™πŸ»β™₯️

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