Philosophical Questions {135} ~ What Is Therapy?

Therapy from my perspective is something that has healing and rejuvenating qualities. For example, I find articulating concepts and writing therapeutic because it is a form of expression for my mind to amuse itself and explore reality.

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5 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {135} ~ What Is Therapy?”

  1. Therapy is a process to analyse where we are stationed in life. Whether it is a psychological, emotional or physical all are compartmentalized to cater our needs. It is like a journal to maintain individual growth reports. When one takes responsibility for one’s life without being a victim of one’s circumstances, seeks clarity in priorities and does what needs to be done in line with dharma (Righteous deeds). Also remember that attitude pervades the entire individual. So when we are abiding in graceful acceptance at any one time there is a complete transformation of ourselves as an individuals living in the world. When our sense of well being is dependent on external things other than ourselves we are always insecure. When we discover a sense of well being which becomes evident every time we shift into the right relation to the whole, that is available every moment right now, right here as we are, there is a fairly unshakable sense of security. This is because the world and others can’t take from us what is not given by them.

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