~Living Or Working With Somone Who Has A Different Consciousness To You~

“That’s what I focus upon each day. I ask myself, What would soul do? What would higher consciousness do? The answer is to always let go of any painful thoughts and to come back home to one’s innate power – to soul. But, how do you do that, when the people you live, work or interact with have a very different consciousness to you?

This is a question, that I’m often asked. And it has a simple answer, yet many people will find great difficulty in enacting upon it. In my experience, taming your personality is the answer. Your personality is a part of you. Some people call it ego, but I’ve never used that word, as it tends to bring up dis-empowering connotations – and we want personality to be on side, not against us.

It’s your personality that feels hurt, alone, afraid, angry, annoyed, judged and all of those very human traits. When you live or work with someone who connects solely with their personality, you can become over saturated in the physical side of life. This in turn can over-activate your personality, disconnecting you from the heart and overriding soul, your true source of joy. You can then act ‘out of character’ doing and saying, what you later regret.

The role of the personality is to be the ‘spokesperson for your soul’. This is something that I experienced ‘first-hand’ many years ago, and have been teaching ever since. And to master this effectively (and seamlessly) requires your constant awareness and application.

Coming from a soul-based perspective – daily
That’s why I began writing my daily energy forecasts and life guide back in 2003. I knew that if I could help people to align with their soul every day, that it would increase their ability to be high-vibration, empowered and therefore, resilient to any negativity picked up from others. And it works, beautifully. Aligning with higher consciousness and connecting with soul and the current cosmic energy flow, puts you in a commanding life position. It can and will see you through any of life’s challenges, as you grow and mature, which is the ultimate purpose of soul.” ~ Elizabeth Peru

2 thoughts on “~Living Or Working With Somone Who Has A Different Consciousness To You~”

  1. Hi Dios, it’s a very thought provoking read indeed. But, don’t you think while taming our personality we shouldn’t lose our individuality? I am sure I won’t be wrong if I say, if we give up on our uniqueness in the name of taming our personality, at one point we naturally get frustrated on the relationship with the someone who has the different level of consciousness.

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