Philosophical Questions {136} ~ Why Do Civilisations Collapse?

There are many reasons civilizations collapse, the average civilization lasts for a few hundred years before it starts to fall. The populations are fed bread and circuses, this is a metaphorical expression of how we live in a convenience climate. Strong men build strong times, strong times make weak men, weak men make bad times and bad times make strong men.. And so the cycle continues. I do believe personally that there are people who oversee this world and tinker with cultural aspects to collapse and then renew civilizations. Just a thought.

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8 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {136} ~ Why Do Civilisations Collapse?”

  1. What I have noticed is all civilizations forms pyramids with the wealthy at the top. Greed always seems to accompany the chase for wealth. Greed causes inequality. People at the bottom become miserable because they are not at the top. Revolution happens, the pyramid flattens out for a while and then the wealthy (who were usually behind the revolt) assume power and greed manifests. The cycle continues. I have seen this over and over. Someday humans will get tired of that model and try something else, unless that’s just human nature. The greedy rise to the top seems the end result of any system. Hmmm.

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  2. The main reason for the downfall of civilisation is the irrational way of thinking and execution. There are three ways to destroy the civilisation. Destroy the family structure, education and lower their role models and references. Religious pursuits and beliefs are cornered as a minority by some of the mis-interpreters and seed inappropriate ideologies which will cease to exist. A culture which sees the divine in the rivers, the trees and all of nature, doesn’t seek to impose on other countries or preach hatred towards others. Then this should reflect in life, living and field work. That’s when it can be called as a wholesome and civilised society.

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    1. Thank you Vishnupria, well said and yes, the three main ways to unhinge a civilization is to destroy the family structure, education and lower the role models and references. 🙏🏻

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