~Param Brahma~

Param Brahma is the “Supreme Brahman” in Hindu scriptures and philosophy, that which is beyond all descriptions and conceptualisations. It is understood as the formless (devoid of Maya) that eternally pervades everything, everywhere in the universe and whatever is here and beyond.

Inspired by Malvika ~ https://soultosoulvibes.in/

6 thoughts on “~Param Brahma~”

  1. Well said Dios. I can relate your thoughts with Bhagavad Gita.

    Brahman is indestructible and eternally existing, and its constitution is not changed at any time. But beyond Brahman there is Parabrahman. Brahman refers to the living entity, and Parabrahman refers to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The constitutional position of the living entity is different from the position he takes in the material world. In material consciousness, his nature is to try to be the lord of matter, but in spiritual (Krsna) consciousness, his position is to serve the Supreme.In Vedic literature the living entity is called jivatma and Brahman, but he is never called Parabrahman.( Bhagavad Gita : Chapter 8 : Verse 3 )

    Can we conclude that Parabrahma which in your words is, the consciousness which eternally pervades everything, everywhere in the universe and whatever is here and beyond. Can this fragment of Parabrahma is the Atma (Self) and the entity which is in touch with the material consciousness is the fragment of Brahman which is Jivatma (Soul) ?

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      1. Thank you Dios for understanding and acknowledging my dearest companion. Your blog is such an inspiration. A unique platform nourishing every soul. Salute! 🙏

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  2. We are not the author of our life

    permeates the soul
    was before the Big Bang
    until this here and now
    the soul, the reality is there in everything

    the soul brings things
    and the life
    according to its law in form
    of change
    according to their destination
    from birth until death

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