9 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {137} ~ What Is The Answer To The Theory Of Everything?”

  1. Hi Dios, are we talking about the hypothetical framework explaining all known physical phenomena in the universe when we say ‘A theory of everything (TOE)’? Could you kindly simplify the question please?

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  2. We have to understand one thing here nothing in the creation is non-existent. It was existent in potential manner and later gets manifested which means available for transaction. The matter in its causal form which is the source of all forms of energy and all forms of matter. The scientist want to reconcile the general theory of relativity at macro level and the quantum physics at micro by a theory of everything. God is self existent consciousness which is the basis of everything including time and space hence there are two orders of reality – that which is absolutely real which cannot be negated and that which is functional reality which depends on the absolute reality.

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