She’s a carpet of flattened wilted flowers

Once in bloom but saturated too soon

How quickly, the parched ground, devours its own

The tongue stays tied around the throat

It formulates an unbreakable noose around the neck

Choking on the linguistics

Hanging the sentences not yet found

Thoughts discombobulated

Yet I remain speechless…

I can’t speak…

How can my mind hold all these questions but no answers {blankout}

All these fresh ideas, but no idea how to execute them and manifest into reality

I remain speechless

Bitterness seeps in at the seams {This is not me, this is not me, its your PTSD}

This noose tightens the more I dissolve and suppress and swallow my own divine soul essence

Neglect is a wilting flower

Chipped away at as cascading petals weep

I must find the voice that has evaded me.

~DiosRaw, 15/10/21

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