Words {172} ~ Knissomancy/Libanomancy/Livanomancy

Libanomancy (also known as livanomancy and knissomancy) is a divination primarily through observing and interpreting burning incensesmoke, but which may include the way incense ash falls as well. Like most other methods of divination, during libanomancy a specific question must be asked. The incense smoke provides an answer, but the smoke must be interpreted by a diviner.

2 thoughts on “Words {172} ~ Knissomancy/Libanomancy/Livanomancy”

  1. the yijing
    the book of transformation
    for the introduction
    into the oracle of life

    better through insight
    through the dream
    to come to knowledge

    all magical concepts
    have the disadvantage
    that they
    the inner world
    subordinate to the outside world

    it is our job
    a balance
    between them
    to establish within ourselves

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