Yoga {28} ~ Asanas/Poses {17} ~ Anuvittasana/Standing Backbend Pose

Anuvittasana is the Sanskrit term for ‘Standing Backbend Pose.’ It is a heart-opening asana, suitable for beginners.

Follow these steps to enter this pose ~

~Begin in Tasasana (Mountain Pose).
~Place your palms on either side of your sacrum (at the base of your spine), with fingertips pointing down.
~Press into your feet, slightly lift your kneecaps and engage your thighs.
~Press your hips forward as you arch your torso backward.
~Tuck your chin in, and either gaze forward or up to the sky.
~Support your weight with your hands, whilst keeping the lower body strong and stable.
~Anuvittasana should be held for at least five to seven deep breaths. To release from the pose, it is important to keep a soft bend in the knees and support the lower back with your hands.

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