16 thoughts on “Notes {1325}”

      1. desire makes the drama profound,
        quest of knowledge emboss souls with wisdom,
        thirst for truth entwine hearts in love,
        where the minuteness of nothingness,
        latched in completeness.


      2. The soul can nobody
        not for themselves
        like a slave
        make serviceable

        in drama of the soul
        whose athors we are not
        we play all our lives
        only a minor role

        Knowledge follows on from knowledge
        and has little to do with the search for wisdom

        We are only on earth in the course of the life story
        a second old

        we can do it with the machinations
        Do not overdo it in thinking and acting

        we must do this with humility
        whatever challenges us to do

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      3. we are the author of our life,
        our previous actions decides the present consequences,
        we present actions plays the major role,
        as we turn the page to write our life,
        with the reactions of past actions.

        think deep, act wise,
        chin up,
        have a confident vision,
        be tender, not fragile,
        have faith in your self,
        trust in the existence,
        be compassionate but not a doormat,
        smile ..
        and keep smiling.


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