Commitment is onerous, both on the heart
and on the shoulders

Many draw a blank, neglect to trust in the omnipresent divine and crumple under the weight of expectations, blinded romantic moments, addictions and pressure

Commitment is like carrying you through the sea but not unloading you when things get rough, to always persist to stay afloat in the abyss of blinded tunnel vision

Sometimes people get confused about which valuables to withhold and which to abandon

Commitment is like gliding a plane, I get to lead and direct us to the most beautiful of auroras

But it’s never about me flying it’s about you landing and never crashing you into a ping pong dynamic you know too well

Learning to trust again through the trails of human experience as a soul embodied

Commitment to Self and no looking back, a peek to ferment the wisdom, oh yes, yet no looking back my friend.

~DiosRaw, 22/10/21

6 thoughts on “Poetry {199} ~ ONEROUS COMMITMENT TO SELF”

  1. I don’t know the many
    and for what they practice their life for

    we have to face the event
    the soul
    what the soul has to say to us now
    to obey

    not the stammered words
    ancient men
    who have eaten the wisdom
    that we will chew them back today

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