Viveka is a Sanskrit term that can be translated as “right understanding,” “discrimination” or “discrimination knowledge.” It is one of the four attributes of a spiritual disciple. It is the ability to differentiate between the real and unreal, eternal and temporary, Self and non-Self, pleasure and bliss. It is a spiritual practice of realizing the Truth and the Soul.

10 thoughts on “~Viveka~”

  1. The soul cannot be made comprehensible with the mind
    In the dream the soul speaks a paradoxical language
    Nobody can tell us what in the world corresponds to reality through our observation

    The avowal of something higher or not self
    – Knowledge and ignorance
    – the idea of reality and non-real
    – of eternity and the here and now
    – Pleasure and bliss and hardship and ruin
    – a spiritual practice of knowing the soul – versus following the soul’s purpose

    every human being has to decide for himself

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  2. I really like the etymologies you do. I’ve heard a lot of these words, but never in context. By the time they reach my ears a lot of their core meaning is very often lost, so it’s nice to read their definitions.

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