~God Is “You”~

“It is enough to study the human body in detail to realize that Infinite Intelligence exists. Your body is not some fucking accident, it is a design of a genius consciousness that should boggle your finite mind.

You should also contemplate how poorly you treat such a beautiful piece of high performance engineering with the kind of junk you fuel it with.

Notice how much intelligence went into creating your body, and how little intelligence you put into maintaining it.

What if you started treating your body as if you were conscious that God gave you one of the most intelligently designed vehicles in the Universe? What if you became conscious enough to realize that your body is God!

Stop looking for God in the clouds. Your body is literally God! God didn’t just create your body, God is your body! God creates your body by being it, by actively holding it within consciousness — NOW! NOW! NOW! The body is not a static physical object. The body doesn’t create consciousness. Consciousness actively imagines the body. The flow of every particle of blood, the division of every cell, the regulation of every organ — this is happening in real-time within Your/God’s consciousness using Infinite Universal Intelligence. That’s what a body is.

Imagine that God knocked on your front door and asked to have dinner with you. What would you serve God for dinner? A plate full of toxic junk?

Remember that next time you get the urge to gobble down a Big Mac.”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights

11 thoughts on “~God Is “You”~”

  1. Greatly written, dear Amba 🙂
    Yes, the human body is the Tempel of God – this consciousness which is in all of us, the realization that we are (also with the feeling of beging separated from each other, in this feeling of being) – is one and the same – we are only a puzzle piece in it, a drop of the Ocean All-consciousness.
    Thank you very much, my friend 🙂

    Have a great weekend 🙂
    Hugs and love

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    1. Thanks Didi, it was written by Leo from actualized.org, the source is at the bottom of the post. Glad you enjoyed. We are fractals of the cosmic diamond. ♥️🙏🏻

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  2. My body
    is not God himself

    when god tonight
    would knock on the door
    and that he tells me
    if I would share my meal with him

    I would tell him

    “You, God, can you be satisfied with a Rösti and a Bratwurst, with a salad”?

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  3. Dear Respected DiosRaw, what will God do if he visits His mother for dinner and His mother serves him not only toxic junk food but even fresh poison?

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      1. True. God does delight in poison or toxic junk for God’s family’s signature dish is that. They enjoy accepting negativity and substituting with total goodness and pure intention that immaculate heart of God is too dear to His mother. ♥️

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