2 thoughts on “Notes {1365}”

  1. A secret one
    with the mind
    the pure autonomous reason
    an unfathomable occurrence
    unfathomable mystery
    especially the back bond
    the old demands in their kind

    the mythical thinkers
    the human being
    be in the world
    through their observation
    and their realization
    us to the indivisible
    infallible realization
    caught in a transcendent

    of taking possession
    subject the earth
    to this day before the abyss
    to create
    so that the human being himself
    the living
    beneath his feet
    is going to lose

    of which was from the soul
    the speech
    for inspection
    in human history
    never the speech of the soul
    in our ancestors not
    and not in the people of today

    every person lives his own life
    death becomes every human being
    with the last breath
    to take in his arms

    it is not a question of competition
    of the better, well-chosen being
    it is about indivisible human dignity
    in every moment
    to care for every other human being

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