Guest Posts {35} ~ What Is Life Coaching?

~This is a guest post from Vanecia ~

First, let me begin by saying that when choosing me as your life coach we will have a co-productive relationship. We will see each other as equals in all situations.

What a life coach is not is a therapist or counselor. I am a trained certified coach that uses experienced communication and listening expertise to assist you as a separated thinking partner. We will create more power for you to achieve purposeful change and actions towards your forward development.

Understand that if you are willing to change something about yourself it takes time. One might feel a positive vibe after the first session but remember that doesn’t always last due to thought and behavior patterns we may have developed in our childhood that is deeply rooted in us.

You may fall back into old ways in the beginning but you’ll start to become aware of the way you react to situations over time. You’ll be amazed to see how your life and relationships progress.

If you are serious about changing your life, make the commitment to begin life coaching.

If interested contact me at Offering free 15 consultations.

Book Now!! Specify the time in notes and briefly explain what you’re looking for in a life coach.

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