Now we are blinded by the world that birthed us to see

There is perplexity in our bodies as we each breathe

Maybe if we laced our fingers entwined and made wings out of our mishaps

We could fly off together and consign to oblivion where we came from

We’ve said it in a multiplex of ways and a million differing times

But no matter how I tell you, you can’t believe my crimes

I’m a criminal among criminals

A murderer in the midst of thieves

A liar surrounded by players but I’ve got nothing up my sleeves

I have laid it all out for you piece by piece by piece

The misconceptions; false truths

Entangled in our own linguistics

But still you don’t believe

I’m a criminal among criminals

We live each day a lie

For when it comes to tell the truth

We all would perhaps rather die

Where is the rock that used to anchor me?

~DiosRaw, 09/11/21

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