8 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {149} ~ How Would You Describe Ecstacy?”

  1. Being sensitive, I delight in little little little pleasures. Anything, from food, holidays to music, or much awaited fantasies, does bring great satisfaction when it’s tasted. But can define it as ecstasy? Does these give long lasting impression on the soul? Nope, for me, ecstasy is the realisation of the self.Most precisely, the ‘validation’ from my eternal bond, on the union of our eternal companionship.This acceptance blossoms the ecstasy, which is adequate for many life times full of bliss! This is simply a forecast of British weather, Dios.😉

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  2. Ecstasy is a state of mindset where perceptive capacities are limited, spatially I am limited, time wise also am limited. The moment I give what the mind wants will get into the rhythm of harmony because I find there is absorption and at the end of it I find there is ecstasy, there is joy. Here the seeker and the sought division resolves which brings the set up as pensive.

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