~Bali Puppets~

“Once while visiting Bali, I witnessed something magical that would profoundly change my perspective on healing. It was one of those moments, that in retrospect, seemed to have been orchestrated just for me!

The effects of that one moment are still shaping my work as a shamanic energy healer today. Let me tell you what happened…

One evening while walking through a bazaar, I’ve stumbled over a group of puppeteers. They were performing with shadow puppets in an old traditional Balinese way. The puppeteers held the puppets against a white sheet, backlit with a candle from behind. The characters fought and wrestled with each other as the puppeteer told the story of the Ramayana. The drama illustrated by the shadow characters was heated up by dramatic songs played on old drums. 

At first, I had no clue what these stick figures with leather and paper bodies represented.

But after a while, I understood that the story was following the artistic narrative tradition of the island, and represented the conflict between good and evil.

It was not only culturally intriguing, but it opened up a whole different perspective to my world as a shamanic energy healer.

That night I realized…

Even though the puppets were brought to life with the puppeteer’s help, the characters were still just shadows. They had no authentic self-existence or power of their own. 

The art of the shaman: defeating the demons without battling them.

When we project our dark side (our shadows) onto others, we create enemies in order to avoid our own pain.

The shamans learn to have no enemies by healing themselves. They do this by owning their shadow, claiming its power and energy, and using this to bring beauty to the world. Shamans see opportunity where others see only danger. They are fearless.

In the West, we believe that everything that we feel belongs to us – shamans understand that there are energies that can assail you that belong to others. All of us have experienced psychic attack, sorcery, and assaulting negativity. These forces are real.

We can approach our own shadows by practicing fearlessness and by understanding that these monsters have no authentic existence of their own, and just like the puppets of Ramayana, they have no true power. We can feed our demons and turn them into allies and not into enemies.

The minute we create an enemy– be it a virus, a neighbor, or another country, we are putting ourselves in a most vulnerable position. We become victims, or worse, we get sick and depressed.

Bring your darkest shadows to the light the way I did!

Exposing the Dark Side as a shadow dance is where our shamanic medicine truly shines.” ~ Dr. Alberto Villoldo

4 thoughts on “~Bali Puppets~”

  1. The magician
    is of the opinion
    that he
    between the inexpressible
    through a spell
    the shadow
    can ventilate

    the shadow
    is the garment
    that the essential
    the soul
    in the inside world
    and the world outside

    the projection
    on the alleged enemy
    can be in an unconsciousness
    on himself
    or be directed towards others

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    1. Hello Gamma, thank you for your wonderful comments. Unfortunately I can’t answer all the comments and they block the notifications, in a polite manner would you be able to reduce the comments, I wish I could answer them all but I cannot my friend. Thank you for understanding my friend. ♥️🙏🏻🪐


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