Mara is a Sanskrit word which means “demon.” Mara is seen as someone or something that makes unpleasant and negative things seem positive and appealing.

In the Buddhist tradition, there is a story of the demon, Mara, who tried to seduce Gautama Buddha away from his spiritual endeavors through visions of beautiful women. These women are sometimes described in different legends as Mara’s daughters.

Mara is the tempter who distracts humans from their spiritual paths. This concept is sometimes applied to yoga, where mara may arise in various forms during yoga practice to distract yogis.

2 thoughts on “~Mara~”

  1. It gives to the man
    nothing more for insight
    than the seduction
    of a woman
    on the way

    the other half
    of his being
    in the subconscious

    on the life path
    to look for every day
    and to commit

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