Mystics {8} ~ Herman Hesse

Hermann Hesse is best known as a novelist, but a discussion about this famous Swiss wouldn’t be complete without noting his unique thoughts on mysticism. Though Hesse thought of himself as a Christian, he was passionate about a number of Eastern philosophies which almost certainly influenced his thought that each human might find his or her own path to God. Many of Hesse’s thoughts on mysticism are themes in his most famous novels, Siddhartha, Steppenwolf, and Demian.

4 thoughts on “Mystics {8} ~ Herman Hesse”

  1. One may
    the inapproachable
    with his own world of thought
    not wantonly

    we do not have the task
    other people
    without asking
    to serve at the table

    we must
    the soul
    by their gift
    her dream

    learn about ourselves
    and the environment
    acting and living more consciously

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