This once sound vessel succumbing to agony

As if scuttled by a siren at sea

It burns of empathy

But too numb to feel the pain of her dying rooms

My nerves always crying

My muscles always screaming

My bones always aching

This pain cannot be seen

This pain cannot be heard

It can only be felt by those who are forced to deal with it

By those who suffer it

For me, each day is a long hard trial

Hereabouts goodbye, under the silk of anesthesia

She whispers, “blade of grass, then away it goes.”

~DiosRaw, 14/11/21

12 thoughts on “Poetry {204} ~ SUCCUMBING VESSEL SIRENS”

  1. Heal ‘within’ my love,
    For we cannot heal the nerves, muscles and bones ‘without’,
    Heal my ( your) heart which is always bleeding,
    Heal my ( your) soul which is always weeping,
    Heal my ( your) mind which is always moaning,
    This pain can be perceived ,
    This pain can be observed,
    It can be felt by those who knows to love the love,
    By those who are true to the existence,
    For me, each minute is a mystery,
    Holding onto the never ending suspense of our love story.

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