Philosophical Questions {152} ~ Do We Take Life Too Seriously?

We take something seriously only when we know its value, there is so much to do seriously in life. And yet, there are some who will say yes and there are some who might say no, there is a middle road too. I would say take everything seriously and also not so seriously that you have no enjoyment in your life. Afterall it’s a dream, isn’t it?

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19 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {152} ~ Do We Take Life Too Seriously?”

  1. I find myself asking the question: Do we take life too seriously as a survival instinct or are we conditioned to take life too seriously (i.e. are we overwhelmed by the perceived necessities of modernism)?

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  2. Great question. I would say we don’t take it seriously enough (especially now) for the things that really matter and we hyperfocus on the insignificant stuff. It’s all backwards (in my opinion).

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  3. Some consider Life to be our society. In that setting, we better be serious to survive. For most to earn a livelihood and pass their genes into the next generation requires seriousness, discipline, practice, not wasting your time for time is money, etc. then, there is death as the unspoken “reward” with fear of the unknown. Out of that “matrix,” there is another reality, which is known when we “die” from all of that. There, Life is a game. As a kid, we could be serious in playing a game, but we know it is just a game and enjoy it. Cheers,

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  4. That’s because we assume and take things for granted. Nature do no expect anything from us and it’s us who has built an artificial wall around us and presume to be chained. Many times we are let to believe false notions to the theory so it is better to move out of this preconceived paradigm. The mind creates images so you have to be watchful of its reactions. Life is to be cherished with care and alacrity not to force to get the attention.

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