Ear worms during zen prove that the idle mind is the devil’s playground, popular culture will take my attention if I allow it

Yet I say:
It eats the organs, toxifies the blood, poisons the organs
I allow myself to pervade into the forgetfulness of liberation
It masks the senses
It trivializes reason
It points the disposition into darkness upon darkness
It deafens the ears

It lowers the body frequency
It stammers the sense of smell
It invades attention and enslaves the mind
It dries the throat
It displaces the sense of location

The bubble gum, it looses its taste

What you listen to becomes you

Listen to the uplifting melodies to enchant and ignite your soul flames.

~DiosRaw, 15/11/21

3 thoughts on “Poetry {205} ~ EAR WORM ZEN, DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND”

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