10 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {154} ~ Does The Moon Influence Our Psyche?”

  1. I do not know to prove this with scientific evidence. But, the thought of moon itself is a boon as the butterfly self imagines leaving it’s cocoon.

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  2. Technically Moon does not have attributes of its own since it borrows sentience from the sun and make it look like an individual entity. The Moon is part of the facet of the lord and represents all planets and satellites in a larger scheme of things. What we see on a full-moon night is the moon’s reflection of the sun. Coming to Psyche it is a condition of the mind that impacts the reaction to events not by mere astrological calculations. β€œNa tatra suryo bhati na candratarakam na ima vidyuto bhanti kutah ayam agnih”, the sun, moon, stars and even the flashy lightning do not light up whom and because of whom all these come to light, “tameva bhantam anubhati sarvam”, that alone shines, being there all the time. It does not have a comparison. This is a very important fact to solve some of our psychological problems.

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