Poetry {207} ~ HERMIT-MODE

Hermit mode

A familiar and recuperating and retreating abode

Safe in the cocoon of the shell borrowed

Poking the head out every now and then

Is the view is clear? And we begin again

Awareness of all my woes and insecurities  

Connecting with intricate obscurities

Voyaging into my depths, no human interference

Focusing on my soul, not so much my appearance

Transmuting all my deep pain into sweet charities

While turning these dark coals into sensations of foundations

Healing code combinations

Hermit mode hallucinations

My mind is a chaotic organised filled plantation

This focus and expansion is serving me well

Returning to my inner heaven, away from this self-created hell.

~DiosRaw, 19/11/21

6 thoughts on “Poetry {207} ~ HERMIT-MODE”

  1. I always thought Hermit Crabs were the bee’s knees as a kid. And I get your metaphor. Makes sense. Only so much to be gained in burying yourself in the world. I always liked the Asatru terms “innangard” and “utangard.”

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