4 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {156} ~ Do Our Governments Really Care About Us?”

  1. I am not wise enough to criticise a government. All I know is we have a habit of blaming others for our pain which is a misfortune. Is that right? When are we going to learn to take responsibility for our thoughts? I cannot suffer observing my fellow human going through pain. I cannot ignore, at the same time, I cannot accept, because both cause me discomfort. If there is a discomfort, we should approach from our side and find the root cause of it. We should never calculate how much I will gain from this situation? We should stop being a person who grabs and seek benefit out of a situation. Please try to contribute as much as you can. Try to give your best as a sincere citizen than having higher expectation on the leadership.

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  2. If not get used to the fact that relying on government alone won’t fix the issues on every time. As my duty towards the government require me to be considerate and protest this intrusion into my rights to raise voice against any equanimity. But on the downfall modern medicine lacks the research skills and ownership of the misdeeds. What is approachable should be accessible to all, irrespective of the socioeconomic status. So do your part to safeguard the society for better living and care.

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