Philosophical Questions {157} ~ Why Do We Tell Stories?

We use stories to make sense of our world, to empathise with characters and to share that understanding with others. Stories are the signal within the noise. So powerful is our impulse to detect story patterns that we see them even when they’re not there according to science. Archetypes are ideas or concepts in our collective unconscious according to psychologist Carl Jung, these are carried through the ages and repeatedly reveal themselves through stories, aiding us in grasping our characters for example.

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10 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {157} ~ Why Do We Tell Stories?”

  1. Whenever any thoughts, emotions, assimilation enters the mind will lead us to design a mental model which eventually converts into actions. This process happens on a continuous basis without our interference. So this pattern helps us to retain the information that is passed on and make it reciprocal. Many of the stories we enjoyed in childhood ended with a ‘They lived happily ever after’. When we grow up and look at the reality of our lives we find that nothing really lasts. The stories illustrates nothing but their intense ability to focus.

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    1. Hi my girl, how are you? Seems you having a busy time keeping yourself away from me and Dios. Hope everything is great on your side. Missed your insights though.
      Coming to the topic, stories do have happily ever aftering, but before that there is always the part of wickedness and evil in these stories. As an adult when I contemplate into these Disney stories I learn to enjoy the negativity life throws at me. For me these stories guide the soul to seek the love which makes the life divine. According to Niyathy Princess, the best yet to come. πŸ˜‰
      Again, thanks for popping in , we missed you dearly.

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