Welcome to the theatrical theatre of sadness

Roll up, roll up, roll up…

Sadness rolls into town every day to check on me on the back of a midnight psychopomp

It enters my room while I sleep, quiet as a ghost, ethereal, slipping through my fingertips

Settling in at home in my brain whilst

It buys me tickets to the sadness theatre

The sadness was a black pool of a haunting tragedy, don’t we all hold secrets?

The sadness is a suicide of a lonely man

The sadness is the gripping of bed sheets

And the clenching of teeth through red, crying eyes

The sadness are the lonely nights alone

And the agony of vulnerability

The sadness is a contagious disease

A promise of eternal melancholy

The tickets buy me sleepless nights

Of empty wishing on dead stars

The sadness, an overwhelming emotion

Like a cannibal, tearing my flesh off my bones

Limb from limb

A delicacy of the loneliness pandemic

Something isn’t okay, why do so many of us feel this way?

Societal systematic collapse

The sadness was a jump from a skyscrape, a slit on the wrist, an overdose off pills, a long swim from the point of drowning

The sadness urges to do anything that numbs the pain

Sadness is a continual obscure guest as long as I allow it to be in an occupied room of my psyche

Ebbs and flows

Seeking the answer, no one seems to know

You are your own guru

A mercy merciless dance of death.

~DiosRaw, 22/11/21

Commentary ~ The pandemic of loneliness sweeps us all under the carpet at times.

8 thoughts on “Poetry {210} ~ THEATRICAL THEATRE OF SADNESS”

  1. Dear Poet, I can relate to this in every way. But when ever I am sad, I dream about all the best things could happen to me. Therefore I am carried away into my beautiful dream world. No time to be sad you see πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Niyathy, yes, sadness is a strange thing, sometimes it comes and other times it goes.. I like what you do, I do similar but sometimes the sadness won’t pass, a stubborn cloud. β™₯οΈπŸ™πŸ»

      Liked by 1 person

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