12 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {158} ~ How Do You Know If It Is Ego Or Soul Talking?”

  1. Amazing question, Dios. I was searching for answers for this within me for decades.
    Finally, I observe that the ‘fresh thought’ as the Soul Talking. This voice of consciousness is ethereal.
    We hear the Voice of ego as the recognised thought which is very much captivating. This is the dominating voice of desire.
    Pause a little here, and ask your self why did I have the fresh thought initially, completely different at first? Here you will be able to recall the fresh thought of your higher self/ soul .
    Does it make sense, my friend?

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      1. When we speak from the soul we can sometimes channel and write a lot of information and that’s beautiful, the gems are there to be discovered. ♥️

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  2. I don’t think I started to see that question until I started to examine, in detail, how conditioned I was in every single way. Before I saw that any answer that would rise up would be from a conditioned separate self. Good question.

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  3. The moment you fall for recognition, attachments to identity, depend on the fruits of your actions then it is purely ego toying with you. The euphoric feeling of bliss and happiness is achieved in giving, pleasing, expecting nothing in return which is totally a different ball game. So keep reflecting on what is imparted and question on the self to know where we stand on the self knowledge scale. It is neither ego nor soul it is always borrowed from pure consciousness.

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