11 thoughts on “Notes {1512}”

      1. Glad you asked. Ethel is the English word for Odal, which is an Old Norse form of the supposed older P.I.E. Othala. Spellings can vary, since despite some arguments, etymology is not a necessarily perfect science.

        Ethel has meanings which I hold dear. Ethel means Honour. But it also refers to homeland, homeland being both a flesh and blood equation- but a spiritual one.

        My gut has me believe Ethel fulfills the Rune Row in English. Ethel completes it by revealing the purpose of Fēoh, which is the Rune of “mobile” property. Ethel is “immobile” property. Fēoh refers to carnal things needful for this life, while Ethel looks to the next life, further generations, etc.

        When the Gods see fit to bring me one, my first daughter will be named Ethel. In that, I think, I’ll have brought the Rune to life. My son has as his name the root of Ethel, being Ed. But there is no greater relief than securing the future of your people, as trite as that may sound in a global village. Ethel reminds us that the littlest details matter, and that your first duty is to secure your legacy.

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      2. Wow, powerful information and beautiful details regarding your children. Thank you for sharing this my friend, I love to learn from fellow souls. 🙏🏻♥️

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      1. I can imagine Joanna, that’s absolutely fine and understandable. Looking forward to connecting sometime in the future. Keep doing what you’re doing! 🙏🏻♥️


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