4 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {159} ~ How Do We Overcome Overwhelment?”

  1. * remind your self that this isn’t end of the world
    * be kind to yourself
    * always remember truth will definitely shine
    * take your own space and time to accept your every true emotion
    * never rush to react to your wandering thoughts
    * always take a minute and consult your higher self
    * have courage to accept your flaws and confess your dark side to your loved ones

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  2. One should develop resistance towards the reality and cherish as it is. Keep imparting that nothing is complete and nothing is perfect. Everything is tied up with some virtues and has some limitations. Stop complaining which is the hardest attitude to keep at bay. Accept the mind for what it is, even though it has an impulsive repercussion. Not everybody signed to treat the opponent with maturity, so entertain the attitude of surrender in your mind. If it is there in your attitude, it will reflect in your actions.

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